From its inception TerriuS has made a commitment to a degree of social responsibility and promotion of local circular economy.
We are looking for sustainable production with a view to excellence in quality and conservation of natural resources. We try to develop gastronomic programs and products that arouse unforgettable sensations, to share with you the best that Nature can give us.

Our History

TERRIUS is born in the Serra de S. Mamede – Alto Alentejo – Portugal, one of the largest biodiversity reserves in the Iberian Peninsula, having as the main objective the sustained production, the preservation and commercialization of the wild products, the fruits and the vegetables of excellence from the region. It uses simple transformation processes, such as the dehydration and the development of natural canned products, preserving the unique characteristics of the raw materials, in order to bring to the world the original flavours and aromas from this land.

Our Mission

TerriuS’ mission involves adding value to the local products, including the recovery of the PDO and PGI certifications based on a local sustained development which promotes the preservation of the natural heritage and the recognition of the region.

TerriuS works daily to develop new products based on the quality and excellence of the local raw materials, which by having the innovation and the image as a differentiating factor, allow the valorization of its products and the Alentejo region.

How everything started

The idea emerged at the beginning of the year 2011, driven by the desire to build a distinctive and innovative project in the agri-food sector, based on the establishment of local partnerships of trust and fair trade with small producers and industries in the region.

The TerriuS Space

TerriuS is located at Moinho da Cova, an old water mill next to the Sever River and a local beach, in the town of Portagem, municipality of Marvão.

The reconversion of this old mill into an equipment of environmental and cultural interpretation, highlights a secular activity and of great importance for the region and for the country – grain grinding – as to the fact that the region of Alentejo was knonwn as “the granary of Portugal”.

Moinho da Cova, with a privileged location in the leisure center of Portagem, is a must for those who want to access Marvão or to travel between Portalegre and Spain, aims to support tourism, culture and local traditions.

This building consists of 2 floors: the former mill on the lower floor, and miller’s house on the upper floor. Currently the lower floor houses a shop and a permanent exhibition, allowing “kids and adults” to know and relive the past, helping them to better understand the history and the daily life of a grain mill with a few hundred years old! And the top floor that has rooms for exhibitions and actions to promote the products and the region.

This former water mill was recovered by the Municipality of Marvão under a Trans-border Project to promote the International Tagus basin region and co-financed by the Community funds of the FEDER program.

Whether within the mill itself or at its magnificent garden, TerriuS organizes Gastronomic Tourism programs, namely picnics, show cookings or cooking classes based on the region’s products and wines.

Moinho da Cova

In this old and restored Water Mill, next to the Sever River in the Natural Park of Serra de S. Mamede, at the foot of the Castle of Marvão, we have indoor and outdoor spaces where the experiences become unforgettable!